Clickfree - Android Installation Guide and Use of Menu Options

Clickfree App Installation Guide for Android:

If you haven't Installed the Clickfree App, please install it first. Click this link for the Step-by-step guide on how to install the Clickfree App on your Android. 


1. Plugin the Clickfree into your Phone   

  • Use the appropriate adapter to connect the Clickfree to your phone.

2. Tap Ok on the prompt message   

  • A message will appear asking for your permission to allow the Clickfree App to Open. Tap ‘OK’ to proceed. The app should automatically launch. If not, manually open it from your phone’s app list.


3. Allow Permissions:

  • A permissions prompt will appear. Please tap ‘Allow’ to give the necessary permissions to the app.



4. Check the connection status  

  • The app should show USB Connected indicating that the Clickfree is successfully connected to your phone.




  • When you tap the “Backup Everything” button, the app will start to back up all your photos, videos, and contacts. This is a comprehensive backup solution that ensures all your important data is safely stored.



  • Select “Backup Photos/Videos” to choose specific media files for backup. You can either backup all photos/videos or select specific ones. 


  •  Select “Backup Photos/Videos” to back up all the Photos and Videos. 



  • When you choose “Select Photos/Videos to Backup”, you’ll be directed to a page where you can select the images you want to back up. A checkmark will appear on the selected images. After you choose “Done”, you’ll receive a saving notification followed by a “Photos saved successfully” notification. These photos will be stored in a folder in “View Backup Storage”.



  • Tap “Backup Contacts”,  You’ll then see a “Saving contacts” pop-up, followed by a “Saved successfully” message. This ensures all your contacts are safely backed up.



  • This unique feature allows you to scan physical photographs that can be directly saved to your phone or the Clickfree device. It’s a great way to digitize your physical photos. If you have an old black-and-white photo, you can even colorize it. To check the Full step-by-step guide on how to Scan and Colorize a photo using an Android phone, you may CLICK HERE



  • You can check any folder here at any time to see any of the backups that have been previously saved into folders. For example, if you want to view the photos you just backed up, tap “View Backup”, then “Selected Photo and Video”, and finally the specific folder you’d like to see.



  • To take pictures and videos using your Clickfree, choose this option. The app will ask if you’re taking a photo or video and then open your camera.



The hamburger menu is the Clickfree’s Settings and this can be found in the upper left corner of your screen. This menu is represented by three horizontal lines. To open it, simply tap these lines.


  1. Language: This option allows you to change the app’s language to your preferred one.
  2. Format: This feature enables you to format Clickfree. Additionally, you can check the available storage left here.
  3. About: Here, you can find information about the app, such as the firmware and app version.
  4. Backup Settings: This option provides several functionalities related to backup. You can set up Auto Backup, delete the local backup, and clear backup data.
  5. Help: Tapping this will direct you to the Clickfree website where you can get assistance from live agents.
  6. Export Log: This feature allows you to export the log files for troubleshooting or record-keeping purposes.
  7. Privacy Policy: Here, you can review Clickfree’s privacy policy to understand how your data is handled.
  8. Visit Official Site: This option redirects you to Clickfree’s official website for more information, updates, and support.