Datalogixx Memory Backup Genius

Will this work with my Amazon fire HD 8? (8th generation)

Q - Will this work with my Amazon fire HD 8? (8th generation) A - Hi! Yes this Datalogixx Triple Play device has the ability to work with your Amazon Fire HD 8. All you would need to do is make sure that you are using the right plug in spot on the Datalogixx device and have the correct app downloaded. For further assistance please go to www.easycustomersupport.com

Is an app needed for a MAC?

Q - Description of the product says you can use it on an apple computer, well you can't get an app on the app store in the United States so now what do I do A - Hi! Thanks for the question. When you plug the device into the USB-A or USB- C ports on your apple computer, it is not necessary to have an app to use it. You would treat it like a normal external memory device and download it straight onto it.

Does this save voice mail, videos, contacts and texts?

Q - Does this save voice mail, videos, contacts and texts? A - This device doesn't have the ability to save voicemails or text messages but has the ability to save videos, photos, and contacts.

Datalogixx Backup Genius Device Memory not recognized

Take a deep breath, you can fix this problem, but you may want to have our Technical Support Team on the phone to assist. Diagnosing the Problem:" When attempting to back up pictures, videos, or contacts, you get a Backup Failed error message using either the Green Circle or tap a selective Backup Function. Tap the 3 lines (hamburger menu) on the left top of the screen and tap Format If there is no drive listed on the screen and the Format button is greyed out, then it is probable that you...

Need to record your screen on an iPhone - Simple Instructions are included in this article

Sometimes, a Technical Support rep will ask for a screen capture/recording as part of the troubleshooting process. Steps to add Screen Record to your iPhone: Tap Settings Tap Control Center Scroll down to Included Controls. If Screen Recording is listed under Included Controls then you are all set. You can exit the Control Panel. If Screen Record is not listed under Included Controls, then perform the following step(s) Scroll down to More Controls Locate Screen Recordings Tap the...