How to convert VCard/VCF files to Normal Contacts

Converting VCard (VCF) files to normal contacts is a useful task, especially when you want to share or import contact information across different platforms. Here are a few methods to achieve this:


Disclaimer: it's important to remember that our recommendations are independent and should be considered as such. 

Third Party Tools to Convert VCF/vCard Files


  • The Web Vendor

    • There are various third-party tools available for converting VCF/vCard files to other formats (such as CSV, Excel, etc.).
    • One such online tool is the The Web Vendor, which allows you to convert VCF/vCard files to different formats.


Here’s how to use it:

  • Visit thewebvendor.com, a free online service for viewing and Converting VCF/vCard files.
  • Upload the VCF file you want to view.
  • It will display contacts along with details like phone numbers, addresses, and emails.


  • VCF to Excel
    • This will allow you to convert the VCF/vCard file to Excel or CSV



How to use?

  1. There is a form below. Select VCF or vCard file you wish to convert.
  2. Select output format: Excel (xlsx) or CSV (Excel format is recommended for all languages)
  3. Input your email address. You will receive demo file in your inbox. 


        4. Please disregard the page that will ask you for payment. As per their website, that is only optional. You can click on the                 option FREE DOWNLOAD.



  • vCard CSV Exchange App Extension 

    • Install the vCard CSV Exchange App Extension which you can get from the Microsoft Store. Once installed, Click on Open. 


  • Select vCard to CSV


  • Input - Choose Multirecord vCard file
  • Output: Choose where you want to save the Converted vCard


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