How to find phone version for Androids


To find out the version of the Android operating system running on your phone or tablet, follow these simple steps:


  • Open your Android’s Settings:

    • Locate the Settings app, which typically has a gear-shaped icon, in your app list.



  • Navigate to “About phone” or “About device”:

    • Depending on your Android device, you may find either of these two options:
      • About phone
      • About device
    • If you don’t see either option directly, tap System first.



  • Select “Software Information” or “Android Version”:

    • The exact option name may vary based on your device.
    • On some Androids, you might not need to tap “Software Information” or “Android Version.” Instead, the version will be displayed directly on the About screen.



  • Locate the “Android version” section:

    • You’ll see the version number, such as “Android 11,” beneath or beside “Android version.”