How to Connect a TV with only HDMI and Optical Jacks (No RCA/Audio outputs)

Need some help connecting your TV-Boost to your TV because there are no RCA out ports?  This helpful article will walk you through how to connect it in a jiffy with the included Optical to RCA adapter

Many modern Televisions do not have the necessary posts to allow direct connection of TV-Boost directly using the headphone jack or RCA Audio out ports.  In this instance, to connect your Television, you will need the included Digital to Analog Audio Converter



The adapter contains the following Items

  • Optical to Analog Audio adapter
  • TOSLINK Optical (Digital) cable  - Used to connect the Television to the converter box
  • USB to power cable - Used to connect the converter box to power, using a spare USB port on the TV
  • Step by Step Instructions guide (this document)


          Converter Box - Input View              Converter Box - Output View                  USB to Converter box cable                   TOSLINK - Optical Cable



An example Television Back Panel which does not have a headphone jack or RCA Audio out jacks



Step 1) Connect the TV to the included Converter Box

Take the included optical audio cable and wire it from the optical output of your TV to the optical input of the converter box. 
Depending on your brand of TV, etc you may need to remove the plastic protector that is on both ends of the optical audio cable, which is referred to as a TOSLINK cable.

In Step 1 you will connect the TOSLINK Optical cable (included) to the Toslink port on the converter box.


Step 2) Connect the Converter Box to the TV Boost Base

Connect a stereo RCA interconnect cable from the stereo output of the converter box to the TV-Boost base. Depending on the distance from the converter box from the TV-Boost base you may be able to use the RCA to Headphone adapter by itself or you may need to use the RCA to Headphone adapter as well as the Headphone cable included with the converter box. Make sure that you connect the red output to the red input – and the same with the white connectors. Many stereo RCA interconnects have colored wires to make this easier.

In Step 2, you will connect the RCA Cables provided in your TV-Boost to the R/L connectors on the converter box.


Step 3) Connect the Converter Box to a power source.

The optical converter will need power. Connect the power cable that came with the converter into the device, then plug the other end into a nearby power source and switch it on. Some converters will plug directly into a power socket, while others may come with a USB power cable, and you will need to provide your own USB power source.

In Step 3, you will connect the USB-Power cable to your TV-Boost  and to a spare USB port on the converter box.

Step 4) Check the TV’s Audio Menu.

Switch on the TV and go to the TV’s audio setup menu.

Many TVs will automatically send digital audio from the optical audio output, so you may not need to do anything here.

However, to be sure, in the TV’s audio settings menu, check if you need to set the audio output of the TV to optical or digital out.

Many TV brands will handle this differently, so you may need to check the manual for your TV model if you are not sure.

Step 4) Turn off the TV Speakers (Optional)

Use your remote control and turn the sound down on your TV’s speakers. You should do this because you don’t want sound coming simultaneously from the TV’s speakers and the stereo speaker system. Sometimes, when you enable the optical audio output on the TV, the internal speakers are automatically disabled. In this case, the volume control from your remote will be disabled.

That's it.  Turn on power to your TV-Boost and you are ready to use it!