USE CAMERA feature on Mo Disk App - Android

USE CAMERA feature on Mo Disk App - Android



You can take a photo or video using the Mo Disk App and it will be saved directly into the Datalogixx device. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to take a photo using the USE CAMERA option and how to locate the photos on the Datalogixx device. 

1. Plugin the Datalogixx device to your phone

2. Tap Mo Disk then Tap Always on the prompt message.


3. Tap the USE CAMERA option


4. Tap Photo if you want to take a photo, Tap Video if you want to record a video. 


5. After you choose an option, the Camera will launch and you can take a photo by tapping the White Circle then tap OK.



6. After that, you will get a prompt message that says Photos saved successfully, Tap OK.


7. To View the photos and videos that were taken, Tap VIEW BACKUP STORAGE.


8. The Photos and Videos taken from the USE CAMERA option on the Mo Disk will be saved in the Datalogixx_Camera_Roll folder. Once you tap that Folder, you should be able to see the Photos and Videos you took using that option.