Troubleshooting Steps using Clickfree with Android

Here are some effective steps you can try in order to get the product working. Please kindly follow the steps :


► Please do not plug the USB device yet.

► Remove the protective case or cover it temporarily when doing a backup if you have one because it may hinder the connection between Clickfree and your phone.

► Wipe the tip of the Clickfree to remove dirt or dust.

► Please uninstall correctly the CLICKFREE application to delete all its recent data and reinstall the updated CLICKFREE application at your Google Play Store. When installing the application, please make sure to allow all permissions asked.

► Once the app is installed and given permission, please restart the phone. Restarting your phone will eliminate most of these issues like preventing crashes, and running applications more smoothly, and will get your phone working better.

Wait for your phone to turn off and turn back on. Once, done proceed to the next step.

► After the device/phone is restarted, Please allow the device/phone to "rest" for about 1 minute. This allows your phone to load all the applications supporting services.


►Make sure to enable the OTG/USB setting of your phone.

► Insert the Clickfree device into your phone USB port

► WAIT FOR the device to be recognized by your phone.

► Once the App has launched, continue waiting for an additional 5-15sec until there is a green bar that flashes across the bottom that reports "USB Connected"

► Tap the GREEN BUTTON to back up all photos, videos, and contacts. The device should start back up.  Let it run until you'll get a prompt message "Backup Successful".


Note: If there are some instances that it got stuck in a certain number during the backing-up process especially if it is your first time backing up files, that means the Clickfree is still detecting and backing up a video or larger files that may take a while if it is a long video to download/backup however when it's done, it will immediately continue until backing up is completely done.