Bonesoundz and music

PC: Step 1

Connect Your Bone Conduction Player

Plug your charging cable into a USB port on your computer and connect the magnetic strips together on the player.

PC: Step 2

Select Your Player

Locate your player in the File Explorer. Do this by clicking on “This PC” in the left bar of Windows File Explorer.

To open File Explorer, you can click on the file icon on the bottom of your screen, or you can hold the Windows key on your keyboard and press the letter E.

The player will be listed under USB devices. Your computer will probably only recognize the Bone Conduction Player as something generic like “USB”, “USB Drive”, "No Name", or "Unknown". In the office, our computers see it as USB Drive (E:).

PC: Step 3

Choose Your Tracks

In a separate window, open a music folder or iTunes playlist.

PC: Step 4

Drag & Drop Your Files

Highlight all of your files, then click and drag them onto your Bone Conduction Player.

You can also copy and paste your files onto your player. Highlight all of your files, then hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and press the letter C. Next, click inside of your Bone Conduction Player window and hold the CTRL key and press the letter V.

(Tip: It is important that you drag only your audio files directly into the player. Do not drag folders onto the player or else your files will not be recognized.)

The Bone Conduction Player is compatible with MP3 and WMA files.

PC: Step 5

Eject Before You Disconnect

Right click on the player within the File Explorer (Remember, it may be a generic name like “USB Drive (E:)” ) and click Eject. Ejecting your player before unplugging will prevent any file corruption.

PC: Step 6

Disconnect & Test

After the computer prompts you that it is safe to remove your player, unplug the USB cord from the computer.

To test that your music transfer has been successful before going to the pool, press PLAY. If you hear music, congrats! You are ready to swim with your Bone Conduction Music Player.

Hold the PLAY button for 3 seconds to turn it off.