How Long Does it Take to Backup My Files?

Clickfree is capable of backing up thousands and thousands of your photos & videos!!

Your first backup with your Clickfree device CAN take time. Remember it is the first time it is reading all of the files you have allowed it to. 

Sometimes, especially while backing up videos, it may seem like the Clickfree app has frozen when it pauses at a particular video file. Clickfree is ACTUALLY still backing up but it is most likely that the video it is at is a longer video, which makes it a much larger file to read. 

That being said, you do not have to Backup everything all at once. You can stop the Backup and Clickfree will resume its previous Backup and save any additional files you may have have added.

After you have completed a full backup, subsequent backups will take only a few minutes to complete.