Iphone USB accessories may need to be enabled for Datalogixx to work

You can find out if your USB accessories are enabled on your iPhone by going into settings, opening Face ID & Passcode and signing in using your passcode.

If your accessories are not enabled on your phone (many options are grayed out and cannot be changed), then you will need to enable this by setting a passcode. Once there is a passcode, it should let you change your accessories.

The video shows how the iPhone setting changed based on when there is a passcode and when there isn't.  


A. For New iPad, please ENABLE/toggle on the USB ACCESSORY settings of your phone because most iPhones, it will require the USB setting to be ENABLED for it to work perfectly as expected. Or even any type of Normal Flash Drives, won't properly work as expected if USB ACCESSORY setting is not enabled or on. 

1. Go to Home Screen
2. Then tap SETTINGS (gear icon)
3. Scroll down and look for FACE ID/TOUCH ID and PASSCODE.(Some of it requires them to enter the passcode/pin code for it to proceed (passcode to enter is their Phone Lock Passcode/password))
4. Then scroll down and look for USB ACCESSORIES/ACCESSORIES only.
5. Then toggle it ON to ENABLE the USB ACCESSORIES.

B. Then next is to RESTART/REBOOT your New iPad then give some seconds to wait before plugging in the Datalogixx device. Then proceed backing up.

C. Then kindly check if all goes well.