OTG on your phone

Most phones come with a dedicated OTG setting. As such, you can enable or disable the OTG function on the device.

For some devices, you get a pop-up showing “Enable OTG” after plugging in another device via USB.

Otherwise, you need to activate the USB OTG from your phone’s settings. You can do this while the external device is connected or not.

So, when linking your external USB appliances, confirm that your phone’s OTG function is ON. Or, when you receive the “Enable OTG” prompt, click YES or OK.


1. Go to your device’s Settings menu.

2. Select “Connections” and then tap “More connection settings".

3. Look for an option that says "USB utilities" or "OTG", and then toggle it on.

4. Once you have enabled USB utilities or OTG, you should be able to connect a USB drive directly to your Samsung device using an OTG cable.

If you are unable to find the option in step 3, it is likely that your device does not support OTG functionality. You may want to check with your device manufacturer or consult their documentation for more information about compatibility with USB On-The-Go devices.






How To Check USB OTG Support For Your Android Phone | Beebom


Put simply, USB OTG (short for On-The-Go) enables an Android device to act as a “USB host”, enabling it to power and control other USB peripherals such as keyboards/mice, game controllers, and much more.



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